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Tired of this cliche known as life...

these songs may right my moods, but that is only because i let them.

its when you are standing in line next to someone boasting about there problems like they are the most precious stone that you realize what life is. when there is a moment of silence for student who passed on, you grow to appreciate life. its the nights lying awake, listening to static come in on the radio that you appreciate the simpler things. no more pills, no more tear-filled nights.

its being a comformist for trying to fit in but being a "freak" for trying to not be a robot just spit out in disgrace by an American Eagle or Abercrombie ad. its dreaming of a life out of high-school that actually means something, not just a teller at the store up the road.

being told who and what we need to be. lost hopes of a doctor or lawyer, if only she hadnt tried to hard. now i swear to god that i would rather die than have anything to do with medicine or law. being told i cant go to that school because its not good enough or just because a friend has something against it.

hearing people complain about complainers....oh how we love sweet irony, and that is all this world is anymore. we are told high-school is "going to make us the men or women we are going to be" but then once out you are told all that didnt matter, no one is going to care if you made a 99 in advanced physics or a 70, just as long as you passed.

its funny how many things life throws our way. while my life may be considered "perfect" by many, it is in no way perfect. that is the truth. deal with it. i realized the other night that i have many issues. self-esteem being numero uno. why you may ask.... because i take after my mom. she said so herself. i dont have the balls to stand up to others BUT i will stand up for what i believe in. its an eye-opener when your mother says im more spineless than her...and that takes A LOT.

its always a 3 asprin morning where i live, music pounding through the speakers giving me one last thought. The Breakfast Club is the epitome of all high-school life. if only it was that easy. sitting in detention with a bunch of strangers.

if i was the molly ringwald id be worshiped, put up on the pedistool of shame as a prime example of teenage royalty, but instead im ally sheedy and im happy just where i am because your approval means nothing to me.

in this race known as life, i may not finish first but ill finish, even if i die trying.
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